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LIPOELASTIC silicone scar gel helps to flatten, thin and soften scars.



  • Reduces the redness of the scar
  • Relieves the itching of the scar
  • Eases the limitation of joint movement         
  • Eases the general discomfort
  • Improves the appearance of the scarring


You can apply the LIPOELASTIC silicone scar gel to old and new scars, such as:

  • Abnormal scarring (hypertrophic and keloid)
  • Treatment of burn scars
  • Post-operative scars


You can apply makeup to the LIPOELASTIC silicone scar gel after it has dried.


Apply a new layer of LIPOELASTIC silicone scar gel to the scar after intense activity such as sports or contact with water.


How long should I use the silicone scar gel?


The usual healing time for a scar is 3–6 months.


Lipoelastic Silicone Scar Gel



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